2nd June 2012

Misty: Exciting times here at Garsons Field. Colin the shearer came over on Friday afternoon and gave all the alpacas hair cuts. This was the second time he’s visited recently as the animals were too damp when he came up before. Alfie was the first to be shorn, but wouldn’t leave the pen until his best friend Angelo had been done too. We were very impressed with Angelo and his sister Lorelei’s fleeces – no wonder they looked hot last week!

We’ve also been busy decorating the gate for the Regil ‘Great Gate Walk’ (a competition within the village for the best Jubilee themed decorated gate). Have a look below at some of the pictures we put together to hang up!

HRH Holly, complete with corgi
HRH Holly


Boomy lighting up the BBQ
BBQing Boomy
Cholina with tea and scones
Tea and scones, ma’am?
Charlie showing off his shelter with Queen portrait
Charlie’s favourite royal