25th November 2012

Rosie: It feels like we should start gathering up two of every animal here at the moment, or maybe two dogs, two chickens and twenty-five alpacas! Too many nights this week we’ve watched the water rise up above the sunken patio and threaten to come in the kitchen. I forgot on Thursday night and went charging out the back door, off the top patio and all my owners heard was a big splash.

Sadly, Poppy died of pneumonia in early October, leaving behind 2 month old Marcellus. He is now being bottle fed 3 times a day and can usually be seen waiting at the gate for his next bottle! Jonnie (Evie’s cria) has also been bottle fed since he was born, after his difficult birth and Evie’s problems afterwards. He is getting some milk from his mum but because his weight gain is so slow he has his own little bowl of Camelibra soaked in warm milk, twice a day. Lissie the vet payed us a visit the other day to microchip the four cria and gave Jonnie a full check over at the same time. Except for being tiny he is very resilient and eats grass and hay non-stop!