28th August 2011

Misty: I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the summer already! It seems to have gone very quickly because there has been so much activity. Six baby alpacas have been born, which always causes a lot of excitement, and all the hay has now been bailed and is safely stored in the sheds.

We have also had lots of lively visitors over the holidays as the grand children have been staying on and off over the school holidays.

Besides the new cria, Rosie and I also have 2 new chickens to watch! Leg-bars Leonora and Lizzie have joined the ladies in the hen house – something to do with silkies going broody and no eggs!


17th June 2011

Rosie: The last few weeks have been quite busy here. All the alpacas are looking a lot smaller since their visit from Colin the shearer. That is always a very exciting event for Misty and I, although we are only allowed to watch from a distance whilst being held firmly on our leads! Poor Alfie looks like a baby again, just as he was beginning to grow up!

On Tuesday, the first baby of the year was born. Poppy always has her cria quite early and she managed to pick the only hot, sunny day we have had in the last two weeks. He is very black and has a fleece like crushed velvet, so my owners say. He has already learnt to tease us by charging up to the fence, making us bark and then running away. We are now waiting for Holly and Lucina to give birth so that he has playmate. Alfie, in the next paddock, is very intrigued by him and perhaps a little bit jealous, as he has started play fighting and neck wrestling Lolly whenever anyone is watching the new arrival! To see some pics, please visit our ‘News’ section.


2nd April 2011

Misty: Everything is fairly quiet here at the moment. The weather has warmed up so there’s a lot of activity cleaning up the swimming pool for the summer although it’s not quite warm enough to go in yet!

The sunshine has brought out the lawn mower and the tractor, which I love to bark at and chase – they’re a lot more fun than alpacas to round up!

My owners are now waiting for the grass to grow a little bit more in the ‘weaning paddock’ as it’s time for Lolly and Alfie to leave their mums. We think Leo is going to be chosen to look after them, as he’s still quite playful himself and not as grumpy as Charlie or Boomy!

Rosie and Misty sitting by the pool
Rosie and Misty by the pool