26th August 2012

Rosie: I’m not Rosie today – I’m Timmy! The grandchildren are playing Famous Five and have cast me as leading dog (Misty is ‘Tinker’ – The Sticks dog from ‘Five Run Away Together’).

The sun is shining and we are waiting for either Evie or Lucy to give birth. Kimani has already had a baby girl call Keziah and Poppy a little boy, called Marcellus.

The hay was baled and gathered back in July and the boys are now all in the big top paddock – so they’re not easy to spot sometimes, but at least the short grass and bugling alpacas keep the fox away.

The fox had claimed most of the chickens and we are left with Lenny (the cockerel) and Mad-Eyed Maisy (who Lenny doesn’t fancy as much as he did the others). Hopefully we will get some more to keep them company soon.

Have a look at the photo of Keziah and Marcellus below – we will keep you posted when the other babies are born!

Kesiah and Marcellus
Kesiah and Marcellus

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