A new shelter for the girls.

Rosie: It’s a lovely, (almost) Spring day here and all the children and grandchildren are out playing in the garden and throwing the ball for us.

The babies have been very naughty this morning. The chickens found their way into the paddock and Sundown in particular had great fun chasing them. He got into trouble though when only one poorly chicken was left and she was getting flustered at being by herself. Makes a change for somebody other than me to be told off for chasing chickens.

We had some surprising news from the vet yesterday. Unfortunately, Fairydust isn’t pregnant but Bambi is and about 5 months gone! Meaning that she must have got better acquainted with Angelo on their first meeting than we had previously thought! We can’t wait to see how pretty their cria will be.

The new shelter was put up at the beginning the month and the girls love their new home. Bambi, of course, was the first to investigate.


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